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AMS Neve BCM Console 10

AMS Neve BCM Console 10

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AMS Neve BCM Console 10 Als 10, 16, 24, 48 Channel Version erhältlich  ... mehr

AMS Neve BCM Console 10

Als 10, 16, 24, 48 Channel Version erhältlich


Designed in 1969, the classic BCM10 was the ultimate tracking console for the world's premier studios. Its class A design, transformer balanced topology, and 1073® modules delivered the ultimate in audio performance throughout the golden era of studio recording.  

When designing the modern BCM10/2 Mk2, Neve® engineers painstakingly reverse-engineered the classic BCM10 console. No expense was spared when sourcing original components in order to deliver the legendary Neve sound heard on countless recordings spanning the past five decades.  

The BCM10/2 Mk2 introduces modern routing and monitoring options, bringing the console fully up to date for use in today’s most demanding studios, and its compact size allows this Class A legend to be housed in a premier home studio environment for artists and producers looking to access the legendary Neve sound.  

Designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand in the UK, the BCM10/2 Mk2 is the preeminent console choice for discerning Artists, Producers, and Engineers and is guaranteed to delight even the most demanding ear. 

Technical Overview

  • Neve classic sound using Class A topology 
  • Console sizes: 10,16,24, 32 or 48 channels
  • 1073N microphone preamp and EQ module in each channel
  • Classic voltage mixing using 1272 balanced mixing topology
  • 2x 500-series slots fitted with Neve 2264ALB compressors, patchable or selectable across the Mix Bus
  • Direct outputs on every channel selectable pre or post channel insert
  • Simple Input to each channel doubles the mix inputs when mixing and also allows monitor and cue mixes
  • 4x Auxes, 1x Stereo Cue, 1x Stereo Main Mix Bus
  • Stereo and 5.1 monitor with passive 24 position gold plated monitor level control
  • 3x Stereo & 1x 5.1 selectable loudspeaker output sets
  • Comprehensive Solo system with destructive and safe/isolate modes
  • 2x Stereo reverb returns with width, mono and balance controls & 2x mono DI to bus inputs
  • Main Mix output insertion selectable pre or post fade with IMR (Insert Mix Return) parallel processing controls
  • 25-way D-sub connectivity for easy installation into home or studio environments
  • Optional side car stand on castors 
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