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AEA R88 mk2 Stereo Bändchenmikrofon

AEA R88 mk2 Stereo Bändchenmikrofon

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AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Bändchenmikrofon The new R88 MK2 features the same pure BigRibbon... mehr

AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Bändchenmikrofon

The new R88 MK2 features the same pure BigRibbon sound in a new shockmount that is easier to position.  The AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone is a stereo pair of AEA R84's in one capsule! It utilizes the same basic LRG and acoustic structure as the AEA R44CNE, and delivers that "big ribbon" sound for Stereo applications. Wes Dooley has extensive experience in multi-mic and stereo recording. His experiences in North America, Europe, Africa and New Zealand led him to develop portable recording tools such as multi-channel microphone arrays, MS stereo processors, stereo phase displays and very tall microphone stands. Now he has developed an exceptional stereo ribbon mic! The AEA R88 MK2 is designed to be a higher performance microphone with less internal shielding since it's not intended for close micing situations.

The R88 MK2 has been optimized for stereo instrument and ensemble recording. The R88's two ribbon motors are oriented at 90 degrees, and have excellent off-axis frequency response. The R88 MK2 uses the large ribbon configuration of the classic RCA 44 series mics, which gives the mic solid 20Hz bass response and a smooth high end which is flattering to complex tones such as cymbals, strings, and woodwinds.

The R88 MK2 is very useful for chamber music, drum overheads, stereo piano pickup, horn sections, and most any coincident stereo pickup application. The high quality passive electronics in the R88 MK2 ensure a huge dynamic range with minimal distortion, but the R88 will sound best with a preamp that has at least 60dB of clean gain, low noise floor (-127dB EIN or better) and input impedance of at least 1.5 kOhm.  

The R88 MK2 is minimally protected from wind blasts for the most natural sound quality possible, so a pop filter should be used when making close vocal recordings. The R88 MK2 may be used for both Blumlein stereo and M-S Stereo recording techniques. The mic is finished in Stealth black to reduce visibility in live recording situations, and features an integral shock suspension to reduce noise coupled through the mic stand.

AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone Features

  • New shock mount suspension for easy positioning
  • Matched pair of Large Ribbon Geometry figure-eight mics for Blumlein or MS stereo
  • 20 hz to 20 kHz response
  • Captive 4 meter cable to two A3M connectors
  • Supplied with a locking angle adapter for flexible positioning
  • Designed to fly overhead for large venue installations
  • Three pounds plus the cable weight
  • 2.5" diameter and 14" tall
  • Black stealth finish
  • Sturdy zippered case

AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Transducers: dual 2" ribbons oriented at 90 degrees
  • Sensitivity: -52dBV/Pa
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz–15kHz (± 3dB)
  • Output Impedance: 270 ohms
  • SPL Handling: 165dB SPL at 1 kHz
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