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PMC IB2S XBD-A II - Paarpreis

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PMC IB2S XBD-A II - Paarpreis If you are looking for monitoring that combines phenomenal... mehr

PMC IB2S XBD-A II - Paarpreis

If you are looking for monitoring that combines phenomenal resolution with greater LF headroom, then the twin cabinet IB2S XBD-AII is the perfect solution. Specifically designed for high-end reference monitoring and mastering applications, this superlative system incorporates a single-driver XBD bass cabinet that adds +3dB of LF headroom to deliver a smoother response and allows users to drive even larger rooms. It also offers analogue and AES digital inputs with a flat response down to 20Hz.

To enhance versatility, the IB2S XBD-AII’s active electronics are housed separately to the cabinet for easier soffit mounting and control. The cabinets can be mounted in a vertical or side-by-side format, further increasing their flexibility.

Both cabinets feature identical ATL’s for that signature precision bass at all levels. The identical 10-inch carbon-fibre/Nomex™ piston drivers are the same as those featured in our breath-taking QB1 monitors, while the cabinet also features PMC’s 34mm soft-dome tweeter and hand-built 75mm fabric-dome driver to handle the mid-range. Abundant power and headroom is provided by PMC’s own ultra clean amplification that feeds the HF with 275W, the MF with 550W and both LF drivers with 2400W.

For ease of use, the IB2S XBD-AII system comes with an RJ45 connected remote control that has three User Presets, HF and LF shelving filters, ±8dB input level trim and the ability to adjust the input sensitivity of the balanced analogue inputs from +4dB to +16dB.

• Type: 3-way, twin cabinet, ATL™ active reference monitor
• Frequency response: 25Hz-25kHz
• Analogue & digital (up 96kHz) inputs
• Power per channel: 3225W (HF 275W, MF 550W, LF & LFX 2400W)
• Effective ATL™ length: 2 x 2.4m(8ft)
• Maximum SPL: 128dB
• Three personal balance presets for multiple users 


• Dedicated vertical and horizontal centre channel versions
• Additional 190mm high-mass spacers to optimise the height and
bass performance

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