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DirectOut MA2CHBOX.XL MA2CHBOX.XL  is a reference class headphone amplifier for MADI... mehr


MA2CHBOX.XL is a reference class headphone amplifier for MADI (AES10) and AES3 signals. The device features three MADI ports, an AES3 port, a headphones output and a stereo line level output. 

Any stereo pair or single mono channel out of three MADI streams or the AES input can be routed independently to either headphones, AES output or line out. The AES input signal may also be embedded into the MADI stream.


MA2CHBOX.XL offers highest flexibility for MADI monitoring and line checking as it provides three interface standards for MADI: 

  • optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode) 
  • coaxial (BNC)
  • SFP

The Small Form Factor Pluggable cage can be fitted with any SFP module suitable for the customer’s application. A port routing offers independent output feeds for each MADI output.

Remote Control

The integral USB port allows for firmware updates, serial data embedding and remote control for extended features, e.g. an internal routing matrix. A channel based routing can be defined through a remote control software and stored inside the device.

External Monitors

The MADI signal from the mixing desk is fed to MADI 1. The selected channel pair is output at the stereo line out / AES3 port feeding (analog or digital) studio monitors. A laptop is connected at MADI 2 out for recording. MADI 3 could additionally be used to monitor another input signal or for output of the mixer signal.

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