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Pearlman TM1 Pearlman TM1
The Pearlman TM 1 Microphone was designed by and is hand made by Dave Pearlman of ROTUND RASCAL RECORDING STUDIO. It is a high quality microphone made for professional studio use but priced for the home recordist. Many studios using...
2.250,00 € *
Pearlman TM2 Pearlman TM2
The PEARLMAN TM-2 is the answer to the many requests to offer a smaller, more affordable version of the TM-1. The mic is build around a military spec 6AK5 (EF95) pentode and uses the same basic point to point circuit as the TM-1 with a...
1.450,00 € *
Pearlman TM250 Pearlman TM250
This new addition to the PEARLMAN line is a limited edition, custom order recreation of the famous Telefunken 250. Starting at the top this microphone utilizes a C12 type capsule hand-made in Denmark by Tim Campbell. A genuine AKG ™...
3.990,00 € *
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