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Merging Technologies Anubis Premium

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Merging Technologies Anubis Premium Anubis – High-End Wandler auf Netzwerkbasis... mehr

Merging Technologies Anubis Premium

Anubis – High-End Wandler auf Netzwerkbasis

Merging Technologies, bisher bekannt Pyramix und seine High-End Converter Hapi und Horus, beginnt mit der Auslieferung des Anubis – der Zauberkiste für Studio und Bühne.
Viele Mastering Engineer und Tonmeister setzen schon seit Jahren auf kompromisslose Auflösung und bekannter schweizer Qualität.- neu ist jetzt der Einstiegspreis in diese Liga !

Der Umfang an Möglichkeiten vereint in kleinem Gehäuse ersetzt viele bestehende Einzelösungen – oder schafft durch seine Netzwerkeigenschaft komplett neue Möglichkeiten.
Der Anubis verfügt über 4 Eingänge – bei 2 davon ist es möglich einen neutralen hochwertigen Mikrofonvorverstärker zum Einsatz zu bringen. Er ist gleichermassen Monitorcontoler , er verfügt über 8 Outputs – 2 Stereo/Out als High-End Kopfhörervorverstärker und 2 x StereoOut zum Anschluss an Lautsprecher.

Per Touchscreen ist es möglich Kopfhörermixe zu erstellen , den Low Latency Mixer für das Netzwerk zu bedienen – für zukünftige DSP gesteuerte Möglichkeiten ist genügend Power unter der Haube.

Premium version with DXD (384KHz) and DSD/single bitstream option

One of A Kind!

A single product with multiple workflows. A Monitor controller that also controls your network. A Music recording hub that allows you to network a whole band or orchestra. A low latency mixer and processor with extraordinary audio quality. More features than you can believe and made in Switzerland. Would you expect anything less from Merging?

Evolving Missions

From the initial recording through to the final master, there are specific “missions” that require precision and control. If your mission of the day is to create a great mix, you need to be in complete control of your monitoring: reference monitors, nearfields, headphones, sources, surround mix, downmix, etc. Anubis gives you that “Mission Control” in a single, compact device that has unrivalled capabilities defined by the software application. But this is only one mission, MERGING+ANUBIS allows the user to choose the Mission Controller app that fits the task. Today, Anubis offers a first mission –


Modular by Software

What you buy today can offer more tomorrow. Anubis is already planned to implement two missions with more to follow. Each will put you in control of the tasks you want to accomplish. Today a control room or an on-location monitor controller, tomorrow a music studio or live event interface, the day after, it could be something else that allows you to succeed in your mission. Booting up between missions completely changes the user interface and the function of Anubis. Plug-ins will be released to aid whatever workflow is required. Your investment is protected, your missions are secured!

Network Control

Anubis not only offers exceptional in-the-box features, it also allows for expanding its capabilities to any other RAVENNA/AES67 devices on the network. From stereo to 22.2 monitoring, from a four-piece rock band to a full symphony orchestra, Anubis puts you in control of any situation. Whether you are one meter from your equipment or kilometers away, take control directly from its superb touch screen, tablet or computer through the Anubis built-in web server.

Massive Scalability

Your Anubis might look very small, but it has everything built-in to become a giant… Just with the tip of your finger on its touch screen you have access and control of the I/Os from any other Merging device on the network. We also provide you similar ability to connect the IOs from any other compatible AES67 device, this extends it to something massive. “Pairing” these other devices allows Anubis to extend its I/O as if they were built-in. Anubis can reserve all or part of these paired devices, make them available to other users on the network and/or secure them for your own recording needs. With its internal DSP, Anubis can manage as many as 256x256 signal paths. Awesome power!

Network Integration

Should you need a larger or more complicated RAVENNA/AES67 network configuration, involving devices from other vendors, DAWs, consoles, or simply multiple Anubis all together, Anubis integrates into existing ANEMAN controlled ecosystems very simply. ANEMAN unlocks the huge potential of a large network with an intuitive and powerful User Interface.

Broadcast Compliance.

IP broadcast is today’s technology. Anubis has been designed from the outset to be ST2110 compliant, with some broadcasters now adhering to ST2022. No problem for Anubis. Merging’s experience in being a key part of IP Showcase events for years and being a member of AIMS Alliance. It means that we keep abreast of the developments in broadcast connectivity, discovery and control. Mission protected!

Networked Audio Monitoring

Anubis not only allows the monitoring of multiple inputs, it also allows the operator to directly monitor any RAVENNA/AES67 stream on the network. In a fast moving industry heading toward network audio, Anubis is the perfect investment to monitor your traditional audio sources and network audio streams… with the same ergonomics: no complicated sysadmin tools required, just point your stream in a coherent list and select it like any other sources.

Merging Quality

This ultra-mobile and stylish unibody case offers astonishing A/D performance with a dynamic range of 139dB with equally impressive mic pres. Our pristine D/A technology ensures that you hear what your project deserves. Anubis come in two variants: Anubis Pro gives you exceptional performance up to 192kHz. If your mission is working in true high-resolution, Anubis Premium offers up to 384kHz and DXD plus DSD flavors up to 256. What else would you expect from Merging!

Ultimate Sound Quality

Killer headphone circuit! Merging has invested great efforts in designing our best ever headphone preamplifier, offering the precision you need to evaluate your mix whatever the sample rate.

Anubis is engineered with the latest generation converter technology, coupled with 28 years of experience in designing excellence reference quality. A 32bit signal path from input to output via the mixer, combined with the latest circuit design, its short audio signal path decreases the latency and improves the power distribution. Phenomenal performance at any sample rate!

Dual Gain 32bit A/D Circuitry.

Not only does this provide huge dynamic range with ample headroom, but you can control the gain independently for different circuits with clickless steps. It also allows for software add-ons. Creative innovation!

Split Channel on all inputs

Every input has a separate split gain control for sending them to different paths. Typically, one for the recording device and one for the FOH.

Exceptional mechanics.

Anubis is not a piece of bent metal with a few knobs on the top. It may be a small desktop unit, but it is beautifully crafted from a single piece of aluminium. Inside is a miracle of production engineering under the guidance of masters of the miniature, Sonosax.

Swiss engineering at its best !

Backpack Portability.

Anubis is designed to go with you everywhere. Its rugged design and carry case with a weight of 950g and dimensions of 200 x 128 x 40mm, make it ideal for stuffing in a backpack. It fits easily on your desktop or can be mounted on a microphone stand.

Superb Specifications

Merging has a reputation for getting it right when it comes to audio quality and we have years of experience. It would be surprising if Anubis was any less than the best we can achieve. Great sound is only part of the story, just look at the performance measurements.

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