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Dynamount Accessory Pack Dynamount Accessory Pack
Dynamount Accesory Pack Accessory Pack for Dynamount micro Our accessory pack makes any DynaMount even more versatile. The Onstage Posi-Lok Clutch and Latch Lake Jam Nut can be used to mount a DynaMount vertically, at an angle or even...
51,00 € *
Dynamount X1-R Dynamount X1-R
Dynamount X1-R Double Axis + 360° Rotation - fernsteuerbares Mikrofon-Stativ Our most popular model. With its dual-axis movement and rotation capabilities, the X1-R provides virtually unlimited tonal options and is incredibly versatile....
799,00 € *
Dynamount V1-R Dynamount V1-R
Dynamount V1-R Single Axis + 360° Rotation - fernsteuerbares Mikrofon-Stativ With a single axis and rotation the V1-R is a powerful tone finding tool with a much smaller footprint than our X models. It is incredibly useful for finding...
499,00 € *
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