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Dynamount Accessory Pack

Dynamount Accessory Pack

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Dynamount Accesory Pack Accessory Pack for Dynamount micro Our accessory pack makes any... mehr

Dynamount Accesory Pack

Accessory Pack for Dynamount micro

  • Our accessory pack makes any DynaMount even more versatile. The Onstage Posi-Lok Clutch and Latch Lake Jam Nut can be used to mount a DynaMount vertically, at an angle or even inverted. The LyxPro 1.5ft right angle cable and Latch Lake Thread Extender are especially useful on X models as they give extra clearance when needed. This is particularly helpful when using mics that have the XLR connection on the bottom.


Accessory Pack Features:

  • On-Stage MSA9501 Posi-Lok Clutch 4″
    This handy attachment allows you to mount your DynaMount vertically or on an incline without drooping.
  • LyxPro LCS12RA-1.5 1.5ft Right-Angle XLR Cable
    Some microphones have the mic cable outlet on the bottom (e.g. AKG C414 and Neumann U87). This right-angle XLR adapter cable makes it easier to use these mics by reducing the clearance needed.
  • Latch Lake 5/8″-27 Thread Extender
    Gives you a couple inches of extra clearance for the microphone and cable.
  • Latch Lake Oversize Jam Nut
    Lock the DynaMount (or attached microphone) onto the mic stand at the desired position.
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