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DirectOut EXBOX.SG 2.0

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DirectOut EXBOX.SG 2.0 EXBOX.SG is a SoundGrid / MADI converter linking Waves‘ audio... mehr

DirectOut EXBOX.SG 2.0

EXBOX.SG is a SoundGrid / MADI converter linking Waves‘ audio networking technology SoundGrid and MADI (AES10).


Equipped with three MADI ports and four network ports it offers low latency conversion of 128 audio channels between SoundGrid and MADI.

The handy size of the popular EXBOX series (1/3 of 19’’), combined with the rock-solid housing and redundant power supplies, makes the EXBOX.SG a perfect connectivity tool for mixing in OB vans or live sound environments, for recording sessions as well as studio applications integrating numerous Waves and third party plugins.



LEDs at the front panel inform about clocking, sample rate, device state and power supply at a glance..


Audio Streaming

Interfacing with up to 128 audio channels at 48 kHz or 64 audio channels at 96 kHz is supported.


All-Round Functionality

EXBOX.SG offers highest flexibility as it provides three MADI ports of different interface types:

  • optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode)
  • coaxial (BNC)
  • SFP

The Small Form Factor Pluggable cage can be fitted with any SFP module suitable for the particular application.



Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching™ is a system to prevent interruption of the output signal. It uses either the proven BLDS™ technology or pilot tone triggering. A logic monitors the condition of the trigger signal on the audio network or the MADI inputs. In case of a failure it switches automatically to the defined backup input (audio network or MADI).


Built-in Switch

Four network ports can be used to connect directly to redundant recording systems and plugin servers without the need of an additional switch.


Remote control

EXBOX.SG is managed by a Soundgrid device control panel and globcon control.


Safe operation

The device can be powered by up to two external power-supplies with lockable plugs as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet).



Each EXBOX can be mounted into a standard 19’’-rack by using the optional kit BOXMOUNT.XL. Up to three devices may fit side-by-side within 1 RU.

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