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Unity Audio The Rock MK2 (Paarpreis)

Unity Audio The Rock MK2 (Paarpreis)
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Unity Audio The Rock MK2 Since 1995 Unity Audio Ltd has been synonymous with distributing... mehr
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Unity Audio The Rock MK2

Since 1995 Unity Audio Ltd has been synonymous with distributing professional monitor brands, we have seen and heard it all over the years. Finally, we have decided to design and manufacturer our own range of professional monitors from scratch to overcome other the shortcomings found in most commercially available monitor systems and will deliver what true professionals expect. A brutally honest tool on which you can base the most critical decisions without a second guess or hesitation.

This has been achieved by assembling a team of professionals with impeccable credentials in the areas required to produce a new standard of monitoring.

"My company Unity Audio has been involved since 1995 with the successful distribution of several monitor brands and the time has now come to produce our own brand of professional active monitors as we are increasing our international distribution network. I wanted to produce something different, using new materials and designs and so I approached studio designer and acoustician Kevin Van Green to develop the Birch Plywood cabinet and Corian front baffle.

While the amplifier, rather than an off the shelf approach, is a bespoke discrete bi-polar design from one of the best designers in the business, Tim Di Paravicini who's company Esoteric Audio Research produces some of the finest amplifiers around. After testing many woofers we selected reputable German manufacturer ELAC for their quality and consistency, for The Rock a 50kHz ribbon HF and 6.5" woofer are used.

We wanted to produce a brutally honest monitor and we've certainly done that, our measurements indicate this. The cabinet is sealed, it has no port, which is unusual for studio monitors, but the difference in bass accuracy is incredible, it also has very good low-end extension too. From the start we decided not have any EQ controls, the sound is what you get, if you can't deal with the accuracy The Rock produces then it's not for you, simple. We've consulted with many producers and engineers and they welcome such a monitor, there's a market for this and we've already taken advanced orders and many of our existing Thermionic Culture distributors will be representing our new monitors."

- Kevin Walker, MD, Unity Audio

To add density, mass and rigidity to the design, the front baffle is manufactured from Corian and then bonded to a plywood baffle.

Closed cabinet design for a more accurate smoother, deeper bass response made from top grade 12mm, 9 ply Baltic Birch rather than cheaper commonly used MDF. An ingenious bracing system has also been designed to stop cabinet flexing.

Superior Folded Ribbon Tweeter

German manufacturer ELAC have designed a new folded ribbon tweeter, which features a new neodymium magnet system, giving higher efficiency, superior linear frequency and phase response along with the smoother, less fatiguing results associated with the use of ribbon tweeters.

Again, German manufacturer ELAC have created a 180mm woofer with a 0.2mm aluminum foil is chemically bonded to a rigid pulp fiber cone.

By Esoteric Audio Reasearch (EAR) EAR Yoshino

Rather than pick an off the shelf amplifier Unity Audio has the best amplifier Guru in the business, Esoteric Audio Research designer TIM De Paravicini has created a amp especially for this monitor. A true 100 watt discrete bi-polar low feedback amplifier with custom wound transformers and dedicated LF & HF sections with overload/clip protection, results in very fast and clean, and astoundingly accurate reproduction.

Key Features

2 way active monitor
Bespoke true class A/B 100 watt E.A.R. discrete amplfier
Closed cabinet design
Corian front baffle
50kHz folded ribbon tweeter
7''/180mm woofer
Balanced XLR input
Un-balanced RCA gold plated phono input
SPL Max @ 1M = 105dB
Frequency response = +/- 3dB 50Hz- 35kHz
(MK II FREQUENCY RESPONSE = +/- 3db 33Hz - 25Hz)
Baltic Birch 9 ply cabinet
11.2kg each
290mm deep x 220mm wide x 325mm high
Brutally honest

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