Shadow Hills Industries Oculus Wireless

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Shadow Hills Industries Oculus Wireless Shadow Hills took the long road, cutting no corners... mehr
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Shadow Hills Industries Oculus Wireless

Shadow Hills took the long road, cutting no corners and sparing no expense to make the Oculus, the finest monitor console ever made. Drawing from years of experience creating some of the most coveted mastering compressors and summing mixers, Shadow Hills designed the Oculus with an utter devotion to audio integrity. The Remote Pendant wirelessly controls the esoteric architecture and mastering-grade topologies of the Oculus. This intuitive tactile interface is machined from a solid piece of aluminum, uniting technical innovation with sonic purity to create the ultimate reference monitor controller.


  • Wired (Wireless version also available) Remote Pendant
  • Mastering-grade, fully-discrete passive volume attenuators for left and right monitors and subwoofer control
  • Five selectable fully balanced input sources
  • Class A active buffer for unbalanced source
  • Three selectable stereo speaker outputs
  • Adjustable speaker trims for equalizing sound pressure levels between monitors
  • Dedicated subwoofer output with trim-able level for each speaker selection
  • Large left and right VU meters
  • Connection for external VU meters and oscilloscope
  • Two Class A audiophile headphone amplifiers
  • Left, right and subwoofer mutes
  • Mono/Stereo selector collapses signals to mono
  • Complete large format console type talkback matrix with internal and external microphones, Class A microphone preamp and remote switching
  • Cue-follow for switching between external cue signals and the current input source selection
  • Auto-cue automatically engages talkback when the tape stops rolling
  • Internal Power Supply
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