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PSI Audio A215-M (Metal Black) - Sonderanfertigung auf Kundenwunsch - Da es sich um... mehr
Produktinformationen "PSI Audio A215-M (Metal Black) - Stückpreis"

PSI Audio A215-M (Metal Black)

- Sonderanfertigung auf Kundenwunsch -

Da es sich um eine Sonderanfertigung handelt, können wir diesen Artikel nicht im Rahmen des Widerrufsrechts zurücknehmen

The evolution of mastering and multichannel techniques, as well as the arise of personal studios, lead us to think that a new shape of monitors could begin a new trend.
The innovative architecture of PSI Audio A215-M produces outstanding performances for mastering in full range and does not need an extra bass-extention. This floorstanding monitor benefits from perfectly coincident sources.
It has been optimized for a listening in sitting or standing position and reproduces the sonic space with a remarkable precision. Moreover, the A215-M features all the most advanced technological innovations of the brand : high-yield G class amplification, CPR, AOI, ALG and PSC that make PSI Audio monitors so specific.
The A215-M is designed to be integrated in harmony with all the rest of the M series monitor range. The A215-M can easily be used in stereo or in surround systems.


Power RMS: 
120 + 40 W
Program Power: 
160 W
Input Impedance: 
Sym, 10k Ohms
Sensivity for 100 dB @ 1m: 
0.775 V
Signal to Noise Ratio: 
-96 dBA
Continuous Max SPL@1m: 
106 dB (single)
Input Overload: 
24 Vpp
Program Max SPL@1m: 
117 dB (pair)
Response at -6dB: 
36 - 23000 Hz
±2.0 dB (42Hz - 20kHz)
Distortion THD: 
< 1.5% (75Hz-12kHz)
Phase tolerances: 
±45° (270Hz - 20kHz)
Dispersion (P.N. 4 - 16 kHz) at -6 dB: 
90° x 60° (H x V)
2 Way(s)
Crossover frequency: 
1.8 kHz
Woofer's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: 
2x Ø 147 mm / Ø 104 mm
Tweeter's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: 
Ø 100 mm / Ø 25 mm
1 x XLR F / 3P
Signal input: 
1=GND, 2=(+), 3=(-)
Dimensions W x H x D mm: 
166 x 1110 x 250
Gross / Net Weight: 
19.6 / 15.8 kg
115/230V (50-60Hz)
Consumption Standby-Quiescent-Max: 
1.2 - 5 - 150 W
Mean / Max Humidity: 
< 75% / < 90%
External Temperature: 
5 - 40°C
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