Merging Technologies Pyramix Post Pack Native

Merging Technologies Pyramix Post Pack Native
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  • DA-i-1374
  Merging Technologies Pyramix Post Pack Native The most advanced Pyramix configuration... mehr
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Merging Technologies Pyramix Post Pack Native

The most advanced Pyramix configuration specifically designed for the professional audio for video post studio working in long or short format productions. Contains all the required editing features, synchronisation to integrated or external SD or HD pictures with comprehensive project and session interchange formats for all leading DAW and NLE systems as standard.

Pyramix Post Pack - Key Features:

  •     Native or MassCore Version
  •     MassCore Technology - (options for 48, 128 or 256+ channel I/O capability)
  •     Real-time (instantaneous) editing
  •     Surround Sound Mixing
  •     Up to 192kHz sample rate as standard
  •     Advanced Video Support: Record/playback DV encoded AVI videos internally within Pyramix in PAL/NTSC via suitable DV converter (not supplied).
  •     Integration to support Merging’s VCube SD, VCube HD and VCube SE video record/player systems.
  •     Machine Control (Sony P2+ Midi Protocol)
  •     Project/Session Interchange Support for: OMF, AAF, Apple Final Cut Pro XML, AES31, OpenTL, Akai DD-Series
  •     CD Import and integrated CD mastering
  •     CD Disk Write to full Red Book CD standard
  •     VST Multi-channel support
  •     Full delay compensation
  •     External inserts

Included Software Options and Plug-ins:

  •     EDL comparison tool
  •     Prosoniq MPEX3 Time/Pitch Scaling
  •     EQ-X: High Definition Parametric EQ.
  •     Bus Tools and Strip Tools Dyn/EQ package
  •     Dual Compressor, 10 Band EQ, Generator (Sinus, Pulse, DC), Flanger, Wordlength Meter, Angudion. Phase Correlator and Audio Vectorscope
  •     VU, Peak Metering
  •     Nagra Modulometer
  •     iXML support
  •     Final Cut Pro XML Interchange support
  •     OMF Interchange support
  •     AES31 Interchange support
  •     AAF Interchange support
  •     New in v7 Post Pack: Final Check
  •     New in v7 Post Pack: EQ-X Extreme Definition Parametric EQ


Hardware Options:

  •     Requires one Mykerinos Processing card per I/O daughter card
  •     I/O daughter card options include MADI, AES-EBU, ADAT, SDIF, TDIF and DUAL AES-EBU+Analog.
  •     Supplied as a software and card-set, or full turnkey system housed in a dedicated Pyramix Chassis.
  •     Isis Edit Controller
  •     Full integration with Ramses MSC console control system
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