Merging Technologies Pyramix Music Pack Native

Merging Technologies Pyramix Music Pack Native
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  Merging Technologies Pyramix Music Pack Native Pyramix Music Pack delivers the most... mehr
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Merging Technologies Pyramix Music Pack Native

Pyramix Music Pack delivers the most flexible music production tool for classical or contemporary workflows.


Pyramix has long been established as one of the leading DAW systems for high quality high track count live multi-channel recording. On location recording of live concerts, or in the studio as a multi-track record/player. This cost-effective solution retains the same operational performance of the highest spec Pyramix at sample rates up to 192kHz as standard with the option for DXD/DSD multi-channel recording.

For touring concerts Pyramix is often used to record the sound check a with discrete channel feeds from/to the desk giving the engineer as much time as he needs to ensure the perfect mix for the audience. Usually connected to the live desk through a single or multiple MADI streams, each capable of 56/64 channels to a maximum of 256 channels at 48kHz, Pyramix is also used to record the entire concert for later editing and mastering of live albums. The rugged Pyramix chassis is a robust touring case with the option of removable drive bays for rapid storage exchange.

Pyramix Native is a software only version of Pyramix that meet the needs of radio broadcasters, small post facilities, midi studios and CD mastering houses requiring a professional, but low cost, or portable solution to their audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering needs. You can now specify Pyramix Native in the same way as the main Pyramix system with the same application specific software packs for Post, Mastering, Music and Broadcast.

Running on any suitable Windows® XP or Vista® desk-top or lap-top PC Pyramix Native retains all the real-time editing and mixing capabilities of Merging’s main Pyramix system and supports all the same audio formats including PMF, WAV, BWF, AIFF, OMF and CD Image files that can be mixed within the same project.

The integral video playback and Midi Synchronisation are also standard (except Broadcast Pack configuration) utilising Merging’s Virtual Transport technology.

Unlike Pyramix MassCore, Native runs directly on the Windows operating system and while the software has the same configurations as Pyramix MassCore there will be unspecified limitations especially at the higher sample rates and depending on the PC specification. All Pyramix Native configurations are fully upgradable to the MassCore capabilities at any time.

Pyramix Music Pack - Key Features:

  •     Native or MassCore Version
  •     MassCore Technology - (options for 48, 128 or 256+ channel I/O capability at 1fs)
  •     Multiple MADI coaxial and optical interface options.
  •     Multiple single wire AES-EBU interface options.
  •     Live punch-in punch-out recording
  •     MassCore Technology - (options for 48, 128 or 256+ channel I/O capability)
  •     Surround Sound Mixing
  •     Up to 192kHz sample rate as standard
  •     CD Import and CD mastering to full Red Book standard
  •     CD Disk Write to full Red Book CD standard
  •     VST multi-channel support

Included Software Options and Plug-ins:

  •     Bus Tools and Strip Tools Dyn/EQ package
  •     Dual Compressor, 10 Band EQ, Generator (Sinus, Pulse, DC), Flanger
  •     Wordlength Meter, Angudion.
  •     Phase Correlator and Audio Vectorscope
  •     VU, Peak Metering
  •     Nagra Modulometer
  •     iXML support
  •     New in v7 Music Pack: OMF, AES31 and AAF Interchange support
  •     New in v7 Music Pack: EQ-X Extreme Definition Parametric EQ

Hardware Options:

  •     Requires one Mykerinos Processing card per I/O daughter card
  •     I/O daughter card options include MADI, AES-EBU, ADAT, SDIF, TDIF and DUAL AES-EBU+Analog.
  •     Supplied as a software and card-set, or full turnkey system housed in a dedicated Pyramix Chassis.
  •     Isis Edit Controller
  •     Full integration with Ramses MSC console control system
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