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Merging Technologies Pyramix Mastering Pack Native

Merging Technologies Pyramix Mastering Pack Native
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Merging Technologies Pyramix Mastering Pack Native Designed for the professional CD, DVD... mehr
Produktinformationen "Merging Technologies Pyramix Mastering Pack Native"

Merging Technologies Pyramix Mastering Pack Native

Designed for the professional CD, DVD and SACD recording and mastering engineer. The Pyramix Mastering Pack configuration now supports all samples rates as standard from 32kHz to 384kHz plus DXD and DSD (1-bit 2.8MHz) for SACD production in stereo and surround sound.

Pyramix Mastering Pack - Key Features:

  •     Native or MassCore Version
  •     MassCore Technology - (options for 48, 128 or 256+ channel I/O capability)
  •     Real-time (instantaneous) editing
  •     Surround Sound Mixing
  •     Up to 384kHz sample rate plus DXD and DSD for Super Audio CD productions
  •     CD Import and CD mastering to full Red Book standard
  •     CD Disk Write to full Red Book CD standard
  •     VST Multi-channel support
  •     Full delay compensation

Included Software Options and Plug-ins:

  •     DDP Mastering
  •     POW-r Redithering
  •     EDL comparison tool
  •     EQ-X: High Definition Parametric EQ.
  •     Bus Tools and Strip Tools Dyn/EQ package
  •     Dual Compr., 10 Band EQ, Generator(Sinus,Pulse,DC), Flanger, Wordlength Meter, Angudion, Phase Correlator/Audio Vectorscope
  •     VU, Peak Metering
  •     Nagra Modulometer
  •     iXML support
  •     Sonic Solutions Interchange support
  •     AES31 Interchange support
  •     New in v7 Mastering Pack: OMF and AAF Interchange support
  •     New in v7 Mastering Pack: Final Check


Additional Software Options:

  •     Super Audio CD Authoring and Disc Builder
  •     Merging’s SACD authoring + disc building software offers full Scarlet Book compliant SACD Cutting Master Prod. for Pyramix.
  •     Sony PM1630 Support


This option allows Pyramix to read audio information and metadata from CD master tapes made with Sony's now-superseded PCM1630 recorders. The information may be imported via SDIF or AES digital connections (provided the 1630 machine used is fitted with the capability to output AES or SDIF audio), and a Pyramix CD disc image (in PMI format) can be automatically generated from the 1630 data.

Hardware Options:

  •     Requires one Mykerinos Processing card per I/O daughter card
  •     I/O daughter card options include MADI, AES-EBU, ADAT, SDIF, TDIF and DUAL AES-EBU+Analog.
  •     Supplied as a software and card-set, or full turnkey system housed in a dedicated Pyramix Chassis.
  •     Isis Edit Controller
  •     Full integration with Ramses MSC console control system
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