iZotope RX 7 Advanced ESD

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iZotope RX 7 Advanced ESD Professionelle & preisgekrönte Post-Production Audio-Repair... mehr
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iZotope RX 7 Advanced ESD

Professionelle & preisgekrönte Post-Production Audio-Repair Software-Suite, basierend auf modernsten Machine Learning Algorithmen

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RX7 - The Industry Standard for Audio Repair

Designed specifically for the demanding needs of post production professionals, RX 7 Advanced introduces brand new processing powered by machine learning, powerful AudioSuite tools, and multichannel support up to 7.1.2.

Rebalance audio with source separation

With RX 7, no mix is “final.” Using our source separation algorithm trained with machine learning, the new Music Rebalance module can intelligently identify vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments and allows you to individually enhance or isolate elements of a song, making remastering without multitracks possible. Easily tweak your stereo mixdown without opening the session, fix old mixes you thought were unsalvageable, remix live performances, and even remove or isolate vocals!

Restore the intended performance

With the new Dialogue Contour module, you can reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance in post production. Dialogue Contour features pitch correction processing that is tailored to speech and designed to adjust the inflection of words within a phrase of dialogue that may not match or flow correctly with the rest of the dialogue in the clip. Easily splice together natural-sounding sentences or turn statements into questions!

New plug-ins, new workflows

Time is everything, and we’ve added even more AudioSuite plug-ins to RX 7 Advanced to help you get more of it back.  User-favorites Dialog Isolate and De-rustle are now also available in Pro Tools AudioSuite, giving you even more flexibility in your audio repair workflow. Plus, RX 7 Advanced now lets you repair multichannel audio up to 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos.

Some of the RX7 audio-repair modules:

  • Repair Assistant can automatically detect and remove noise, clipping, clicks, and more.
  • Music Rebalance lets you adjust levels for different instruments within a song.
  • Adjust the time stretch amount of an audio selection without altering its pitch with Variable Time & Pitch.
  • Automatically attenuate breath sounds with Breath Control.  Now available as an AudioSuite plug-in!


Advanced-only Features:

DE-RUSTLE: Instantly remove distracting lavalier microphone noise and other forms of rustle from your dialogue.

DE-WIND: Reduce intermittent low-end wind rumble. 

DIALOGUE CONTOUR: Reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance. 

DIALOGUE ISOLATE: Easily isolate your dialogue from noisy backgrounds and let it take center stage. 

DIALOGUE DE-REVERB: Use machine learning to reduce or remove unwanted reverb from dialogue clips.



System Requirements:

Windows: 7-10

Mac: OS X 10.8.5 - 10.13

Plug-in Formats: AAX (64-bit), Audiosuite DPM, Audio Unit (32-bit and 64-bit), RTAS (32-bit), VST 2 (32-bit and 64-bit), and VST 3 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Supported Plug-in Hosts: Ableton Live 9-10, Adobe Audition CC 2018 and Premiere Pro CC 2018, Apple Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer 2018, Pro Tools 10-2018, Cockos Reaper 5, Presonus Studio One 4, Steinberg Cubase 9.5 and Nuendo 7

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