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  • Vielseitiger optischer Stereo-Röhren Kompressor, handmade by Chris Henderson in USA

IGS Audio S-TYPE Mix Bus Compressor

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IGS Audio S-TYPE Mix Bus Compressor The S-Type is a typical VCA compressor well known as the... mehr
Produktinformationen "IGS Audio S-TYPE Mix Bus Compressor"

IGS Audio S-TYPE Mix Bus Compressor

The S-Type is a typical VCA compressor well known as the core of the legendary British sound. The heart of the compressor is a THAT chip instead of, the now unavailable, DBX ic. However the classic sound and speed of the compressor has been preserved. The main new feature of the S-Type is the Sidechain HPF function. This allows the user to separate the lowest frequencies that will not be compressed and to control more precisely the bass and overall dynamics of the mix. The IGS Audio S-Type is a very creative device.

The S-Type is a precision dynamic range controller intended for use in the most demanding professional audio applications. RMS detection, high headroom input circuits and output drivers, give the S-Type its own sonic excellence. It is great not only for mastering purposes, but also for drums, wide synth pads and many other stereo sources!



  • VCA Compressor


  • Hard wire bypass
  • Sidechain HPF240, 180, 120, 90, 60, Off


  • Input Impedance (balanced)10k ohm
  • Output Impedance (balanced)10k ohm


  • Operating Level+4 dBu
  • Max input level+22 dB
  • Max output level+22 dB
  • Max. gain25 dB
  • Max Gain Reduction25 dB


  • Attack:0.1 - 30 ms
  • Release:0.1 - 2s + auto


  • Fequency response5 Hz - 20k Hz

DISTORTION (@ 20 HZ - 20 KHZ):

  • Signal to Noise Ratio- 102 dB
  • THD0.012 dB
  • Crosstalk101 dB


  • Voltage115/230V AC, 50 - 60Hz
  • Power consumption25W
  • Power supplyInternal


  • Dimensions70x50x30 cm
  • Shipping weight3kg


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