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APS AEON 2- Paarpreis - auch in weiß gegen Aufpreis erhältlich - The AEON 2 features... mehr
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APS AEON 2- Paarpreis

- auch in weiß gegen Aufpreis erhältlich -

The AEON 2 features two unique AB amplifiers designed to deliver power to the speakers with very low non-linear distortions at low and high sound levels. They are fitted with an extremely efficient power supply, providing enough power even at the highest SPL. The High Definition soft dome tweeter with a wide surround combines the high frequency dispersion of a 3/4” dome with the low frequency characteristics of a 1” dome. Large ferrite magnet ensures high efficiency, good transient response and low distortions. The custom made, high fidelity long throw woofer/midrange unit with a hard cellulose cone is fitted with a strong, perfectly optimized magnetic circuit to ensure minimal distortions and provide excellent transient response and high dynamics. Perfectly tuned box and the midwoofer along with the special spectral shaping plus the two mentioned, unique AB power amplifiers, allow to achieve a sound, which usually belongs to much bigger high fidelity studio monitors. Sophisticated electronic systems ensure that the shape and all characteristics of the signal from the monitor's signal input to the sound field of the sound engineer are faithfully transferred. White glow at the rear of the monitor instead of point Logo light informs about the power being on. AEON 2 plays loud and with no distortions - it's a precision tool for professionals!

APS monitors were introduced to Troy Germano at Germano Studios in early 2014 by one of the studios' engineers, Matthew Sim. Germano Studios is one of the top recording and mixing facilities in the U.S. since its opening in 2008, clients include;http://www.germanostudios.com/clientele Germano Acoustics was born from the many years at Germano Studios and from the 25 years of owning & operating The Hit Factory Recording Studios in New York, London and Miami. Award winning studio design, via multiple TEC Awards, Studio Design Group is the vehicle for Troy's design of music studios around the world, www.studiodesigngroup.com. These studios include Red Bull Studio Los Angeles, New York University Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music, RG Studios Mexico, Samsung New York, Sony Studios London, The Hit Factory New York, The Hit Factory London, Criteria Studios Miami. Oversight of Abbey Road Studios London and Capitol Studios Hollywood for the Universal Music Group as well as private facilities for numerous artists & producers, give Troy a deep knowledge of what music creators need when recording & mixing their music.

The concept of developing a superior, self-powered near field monitor came to fruition after listening to the impressive APS AEON's during and the course of 2015. Germano Studiosinitially utilized the AEON’s for 5.1 surround mixing with the APS SUB 10 subwoofer. The birth of the APS Germano Acoustics AEON II’s was a direct result in our feeling that a transendent, active 2-way near field could be developed from within the Germano Studios skill and APS years of sound excellence. This was an opportunity to design a smooth sounding speaker that all of our clients crave, that translates accurately from system-to-system.
Active near field monitors that did not need a subwoofer and could again, co-exist with the top brands within any recording facility or listening environment.
We believe that we have achieved this with the release of the AEON II after 18 months of development. The APS Germano Acoustics AEON II gives music lovers a new, accurate active near field monitor designed for today’s modern production needs
- a monitoring system that we are proud to introduce to our friends around the world.



Aktiv, zwei Class A/B-Endstufen
System: Zweiwege
Übergangsfrequenz: 2,7 kHz
Abmessungen (H/B/T): 37 cm x 22 cm x 35 cm
Frequenzgang (Freifeld): +/- 2 dB: 38 Hz bis 33 kHz
Schalldruck (Freifeld @ 1m): RMS: 104 dB (Einzellautsprecher, Bass aktiv) || Peak: 112 dB (Paar, Bass aktiv)
Gewicht (Stück): 15,2 kg

Bass-Mittelton-Chassis: 18 cm (7'')
Membran: Zellulosemembran mit Gummisicke
Hochtöner: 1,9 cm (3/4") Texttilkalotte (breiter Abstrahlbereich)

Bass-Mittelton-Verstärker: 200 W RMS @ 4 Ohm
Hochton-Verstärker: 100 W RMS @ 6 Ohm
Klirrfaktor (THD): 0,005 % - PO = 5 W, f = 1 kHz.1 % max - PO = 0,1bis zu 50 W, f = 20 Hz bis 20 kHz
Schalldruck: 96 dB im Freifeld @ 1 m  bei 0 dBu (0,775 V) - Regler auf 0-dB-Stellung für
Kalibrierte Regelelemente:

Eingangsempfindlichkeit (Schalter): -10.5 dB, -9 dB, -7,5 dB, -6 dB, -4,5 dB, -3 dB, -1,5 dB, 0 dB
Hochtonpegel (Schalter): -1,5 dB, 0 dB, +1,5 dB
Bass Control (Schalter): Active, Passive, Roll-off
Woofer Equalizer (Schalter) (80 Hz): 0,0 dB, -1,5 dB, 3,0 dB
Ein- und Ausgänge:

Kombibuchse: XLR (symmetrisch) + 6,3 mm Klinke (symmetrisch)
Loop Through" Ausgang:XLR (symmetrisch)
Ausgangsimpedanz: 100 W
Endstufen: Thermalalsicherung, Kurzschluß, Überspannungsbegrenzer. Brumm- und Einstreuschutz, Groundlift-Schalter

Hochtöner-Schutzschaltung, Bass-Mitteltöner-Schutzschaltung, Firmenlogo (grüne LED), Ein-/Aus-Status (rote LED)

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