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Buzz Audio MA 2.2 Standard

Buzz Audio MA 2.2 Standard

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Buzz Audio MA 2.2 Standard A truly magical sounding microphone preamplifier which proves... mehr

Buzz Audio MA 2.2 Standard

A truly magical sounding microphone preamplifier which proves that clean does not need to sound clinical.

Designed to provide transparent amplification to reveal the true source, they do not come any better than this. If you wish to record your sounds with the utmost warmth and clarity possible, you have found the tool for the job. And it’s not just us blowing our trumpet here, it’s what hundreds of users have told us over the years since the MA-2.2’s first introduction.

audio path quality

The circuitry used in the MA-2.2 preamp was developed by Tim Farrant in the 1990’s and was dubbed “True Class A”. The resulting BE40 series of amplifiers exhibit very wide frequency response (into the mega-hertz ) and ultra fast slew rates (140V/uS) even at 60dB of gain. These attributes, plus the inherently low distortion provide the exceptionally pure top end sound of the MA-2.2. In additon, the over engineered power supply design with localized Class A regulators for each amplifier stage supplies the grunt needed for an authoritive and accurate bottom end.

applications galore

As many of our users have discovered, the MA-2.2 sounds amazingly vibrant when recording acoustic guitar and percussion. It is equally at home on vocal duties and you will also be very surprised how good a kick drum can sound using this preamp. One could say, there is not much this preamp cannot record well! The transformer-less low reactance input stage with a Wima capacitor stack matches well with all microphones types and the noise specification is within 0.5dB of the theoretical minimum possible, so ribbon and dynamic mics’ are no problem for this preamp.



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