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Barefoot Sound MM27 Gen2 Barefoot Sound MM27 Gen2
The MicroMain27 is a groundbreaking new monitor that is in a class all its own. It is quickly becoming the premier choice for top mixing and mastering engineers. The speaker is designed to address the demands of modern recording. It...
12.990,00 € *
Barefoot Sound MM45 MicroMain45 Barefoot Sound MM45 MicroMain45
Barefoot Sound MicroMain45 Barefoot Sound is proud to introduce our newest studio monitor, the MicroMain45 . Featuring the same signal path, amplifier and driver technologies as our flagship MiniMain12, the MicroMain45 is stripped down...
7.290,00 € *
Barefoot Sound MM35 Gen2 Barefoot Sound MM35 Gen2
Following in the footsteps of the MicroMain27, the new MicroMain35 brings revolutionary Barefoot three-way technology into an even more compact enclosure. Dual force canceling 7" subwoofers, a 5" midbass driver and 1" dome tweeter are...
9.990,00 € *
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