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Avedis Audio KeyPre KP6 Avedis Audio KeyPre KP6
Avedis Audio KeyPre KP6 The KeyPre® was designed for professional keyboard, synthesizer, and drum machine users who want to use something better than a mixer input channel or a DI (direct injection). Electronic instruments often have a...
2.049,00 € *
Avedis Audio MD7 Avedis Audio MD7
Avedis MD7 Mikrofonvorverstärker - Diskreter Class-A 500er Mic-Preamp mit DI Input/Return, HPF, Phase, 48V - The MD7 addresses the features needed in op-amp based preamps and, more importantly, with a very musical sound without the...
925,00 € *
Avedis Audio MA5 Avedis Audio MA5
The MA5 was created to fill the need for a high-quality microphone preamplifier with the characteristic sound of early ‘70s British Class-A consoles. The re-engineering in the creation of the MA5 stemmed from years of experience...
925,00 € *
Avedis Audio E27 Avedis Audio E27
Avedis Audio E27 The E27 was created for the need of a high quality modular equalizer. High performance, versatility, ease of use, and simplicity is the initial core of the E27's design. Some of the best analog gear from the past was the...
1.549,00 € *
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