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Aurora Audio GTP-8 Aurora Audio GTP-8
When the Aurora Audio GTQ2 started to be hailed as a modern classic, the requests started coming in for an 8 channel version. In 2008, Geoff Tanner met this challenge by introducing the GTP8 to the world. 8 channels of the legendary...
5.999,00 € *
Aurora Audio GTQ2 Aurora Audio GTQ2
This is where it all began. Since it’s introduction to the pro audio world over 10 years ago by Geoff Tanner, the GTQ2 has become a modern classic. It is the foundation of the entire Aurora Audio line and sets the standard for all of the...
3.449,00 € *
Aurora Audio GTC2 Aurora Audio GTC2
Before you say anything, just be aware that the GTC2 dual channel compressor is not a clone of anything. Geoff Tanner decided in 2007 to make a compressor that goes slightly against the grain of today’s trend. You will not find an “Atom...
3.749,00 € *
Aurora Audio GTQC Aurora Audio GTQC
With introduction of the GTC2, it seemed only natural to combine it with the GTQ2 and create a channel strip. That is exactly what Geoff Tanner decided to do. The GTQC was born. The GTQC is quite literally one channel of the GTQ2 Preamp...
3.549,00 € *
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